Job Forecast tool for WorkflowMax

Massively reduce forecasting overhead and stress using the Job forecasting tool for WorkflowMax.

The Forecast tool is a smart Google Sheet application designed to help you better visualise your Job workload in a familiar gantt style format.

Using a Google Sheet you can import all the Jobs from WorkflowMax on a regular schedule and then allocate staff and hours to each project using the easy blocking functions. Quickly get a accurate overview of your job schedule with the NEW block-out feature then shuffle your jobs around before accurately assigning resources.

The sheet will calculate staff available hours vs your allocated hours for each job. Some features include:

  • Get active (current) Jobs from WorkflowMax
  • Imports Job values such as:
    • Job Name
    • Job Number
    • Client Name
    • Total task time for job
    • Budget (NEW)
    • Start Date (coming soon)
    • End Date (coming soon)
  • Adds new jobs as they happen
  • Updates existing jobs with changes from WorkflowMax
  • Allocate hours on a job and auto-calculate remaining available time
  • Calculate Job times vs staff availability (in-built Staff Leave Calendar)
  • auto date updating
  • auto staff number calculations
  • easy format reset option
  • auto column separator generation
  • Completely customisable with our Apps Script UNLIMITED service

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