Drive Duplicator PLUS

Do you need to copy or clone a Drive folder and all of its contents? This amazing app will save you hours in setting up your client or project folders!

The Drive Duplicator Plus copies your chosen Google Drive folders including subfolders and files to your defined destination folder AND will mail merge any data to documents containing defined placeholders.

Copy/Duplicate Google Drive folders, subfolders and files

  • Easily duplicate source folder (clone Google Drive folder), subfolder and files to a destination for projects, new client filing systems and more
  • Duplicates the files "as is" without adding a (1) or "copy of" to the name
  • Folders inherit permissions from the parent folder so keep the template secure and open up the destination folders to your team

Mail-merge data into your Google Docs

  • Set up your own placeholder and data references and choose what data you want to merge into any documents found in the folders
  • set placeholders in docs to merge data in them or as file names for dynamic doc names
  • Simple 1:1 mapping that you can create in the sheet
  • easily change at anytime

Run manually or automatic with Zapier

  • Run this manually when you add new data or;
  • Set to automatic and use other services like Zapier, and more to trigger the Drive Duplicator PLUS
  • Only runs once per row - won't duplicate an existing folder
  • Easy reset feature and create folders again

For anyone who needs to regularly setup a templated folder structure in Google Drive.

What you get:

1 x PDF containing your special link to the Google Sheet

1 x Google Sheet to copy into your domain and keep

You'll get 1 PDF

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