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#1 way to create your project folders in Google Drive | Drive Duplicator PLUS

Do you need to copy a folder and all of its contents in Google Drive? The Drive Duplicator Plus copies your chosen Google Drive folders including subfolders and files to a preset destination AND will mail merge any data to documents containin…

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IMPROVEMENTS | Better layout for Contacts Audit PDF

Now see your incomplete contact fields easier in the PDF What is it? Previously viewing large quantities of contacts fields that had missing values was crowded and difficult. Now we've centred the text on the row and added alternating colours…

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FIXED BUG | Reporting false negatives for Contacts Audit

Fixed a bug where the contacts audit reported false negatives Issue: the contacts audit would report incomplete fields even when the fields were sometime completed. We've fixed this by adding in extra validation and improvements.…

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NEW FEATURES | Job Forecast Tool

Start & End DatesWhat is it?The Job forecast tool for WorkflowMax now syncs start and end dates of your Jobs.Why you would use it?See when your Jobs start and end to help you easily plan your resources and workloads…

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NEW FEATURES | WorkflowMax Export Tool

Sync Custom FieldsWhat is it?Now you can sync custom fields to your Google Sheet, select the custom fields you want to sync and the data will be added to their own columns in the Jobs and Tasks tabs.Why would you use it?Now you can connect mo…

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